Library Staff

  • Provide help in locating resources to meet specific homework and curricular needs.
  • Provide materials for pleasure reading.
  • Provide courteous and respectful service from all staff members. (Mrs. Cook does allow you to eat your lunch in the library if you are studying, playing chess or reading.)
  • Keep accurate circulation records.


  • Return materials on time and in good condition.
  • Library Log- Students must have a library log signed by the teacher and dated to go to the library for AR purposes. Only English teachers will send students to the library for AR books and testing. Teachers will write the name of the student on the log and the date the log was issued. No AR test will be taken unless a teacher is present. Students are to have the book with them that they are testing on. Students doing research for another class may come from any class and do not need the log.
  • Quiet, respectful and courteous behavior at all times.
  • Refrain from bringing food, beverages and other prohibited items as specified in the student handbook.
  • Students are not to leave to go to the library in any classroom that has a substitute teacher.
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